There are several services I offer:  1.  Individual & group psychotherapies, 2:  Workers' Compensation Evaluations, 3. Social Security Medical Evaluations,  4. Editing/writing,  5. Expert court testimony, and 6. Psychology class tutoring. 

     I conduct both individual and group therapies.  In addition, I will utilize telehealth if it is a therapeutic necessity.  I can provide telehealth services to individuals residing in the state of Florida.   I am not the Procrustean therapiest.  Procrustean refers to the bed to which a psychotherapist should never put a client on.  The Procrustean bed is a service where if the clients are too short, then the bed will stretch them.  If the clients are too tall, the bed will shrink them.  I am not the one size fits most psychologist.  

     I am   keen on both hearing and listening to the client.  There is a difference.  Hearing involves auditory nerves receiving signals from a source.  Listening is a multi-sensory interpretation:  monyhow does the person(s) look, intonation, affect, phrasing.  What impression does it make on me, the audience.  Does it invoke past experiences I have heard from this client?  What comes into my mind?  How am I experiencing this event?  This is one of the factors I utilize in sessions with both individuals and with groups.  My listening skills are unique to the experience of being interdependent with me over sessions.  Having a listener puts the onus on the client.  If you want meaningful services, you must be honest.  Honesty is the most trying experience.  All memoirs are fabrications.  All diaries are semi-fabrications.  At heart, every writer is an editor.  Every talker is a dramatist.  Every audience is rooting for a dramatic arc.  Reality does not give us nice dramatic arcs.  The hardest part of reality is that we are all asses, though we want to be otherwise.   And to be an ass in front of the audience for whom you pay--it can feel quite shaming.  And therein lies healing.  Or so it is said.

I am currently forming a support group for individuals who became visually impaired as adults.  One in seven adults will lose usable vision in one eye, through genetic disorders, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, strokes, or general misfortune.  People have a variety of emotional responses to this loss:  anger, sadness, alethymia, impotence, and all of the above.  They need a safe place to mourn their losses and talk about their feelings with others who know exactly what they are experiencing.  This support group will meet at my downtown office (in the Wall Street neighborhood).  It will meet in the early evening.  Loss of vision does not mean individuals are useless.  Loss of vision is not akin to having a blindfold wrapped around your head.  People who elect to be blindfolded know in 10 minutes  it will all be over.  It is a different mindset.  Loss of vision is not total darkness for many.  Loss of vision is not today you see, tomorrow you don't.  Loss of vision is not helplessness.  Loss of vision may mean loss of peripheral vision or loss of central vision.  Loss of vision is an adjustment, a frustration, but it is not a loss of competence.   Most people will continue to work at their prior jobs.  Most will continue being able to drive, albeit with some minor restrictions.  Most people will not be Edward Rochester, being led around by little Jane Eyre.

     People who are visually impaired do not want to hear tasteless jokes about guide dogs and white canes.  Come join our group.  Please contact me at (917-846-1005) to learn more.  Payment is on a sliding scale.  No insurance accepted.

     I am forming relaxation groups to assist those who lay awake, night after night, worries racing through their mind, tormenting neurons and keeping them firing and forcing bodies to toss and turn in tumult all night.  You have the power to peacefully power-down your circuits and attain placid domains, whenever you choose. 

     I have a contract with the NYS Workers' Compensation Board to provide independent medical examinations.  I consult privately with attorneys to provide independent psychological evaluations and testing to their clients.    I can provide consultative evaluations to lawyers and for their clients. I hold contracts with the Federal Government to provide expert testimony on Social Security Disability Applications.  I have a contract to interview veterans about posttraumatic stressors and intervene on their behalf to increase their benefits.

As mentioned, I am licensed to conduct telehealth in the state of Florida.  I am required to provide this hyperlink:

     I am a skilled researcher.  I have presented on child psychopathology, PTSD, Single-Payer insurance, and Otto von BIsmarck.  I have written many papers on psychoanalysis, especially the relationships between Sandor Ferenczi, Sigmund Freud, and Georg Groddeck.  Recently, I have presented on using psychotherapy training to gain entry into unusual employment paths.  Contact me and I may be able to help you to find more satisfying employment or, leave off being an employee and start your own business.

     I am a skilled writer and have helped would-be-authors make a start towards writing fiction and non-fiction.  I have the knack for finding the mot juste.  Even something as simple as naming a web site can be fraught for the first-timer.  I can brainstorm names.  I can also walk a new founder to the steps of getting a web site launched and maintained.  

      I have been a psychology professor in university for decades.  I can help struggling students master the most arcane material.  From ablations to zymurgy.  And beyond. 

If you would like to consult with me, please use the contact me link to do so.  Or call me at the number listed in the previous paragraph.

You can have a more fulfilling life.  You can have more than you do now.  All you have to do is outstretch your hand and let it do the dialing.